Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Jared has an aunt Kristi that lives in South Dakota.  She reminds me a lot of his grandma Rosemarie.  We don’t get to see her often, but she is very good about keeping in touch with us.  His grandma was that way as well.  We’d all get cards on our birthday with $2 bills in them or we’d get hand written letters in the mail telling us what’s going on.  Jared’s grandma was good at this.  Kristi does the same thing.  We really appreciate the letters and the way she keeps in touch with us.  It’s nice.  Now a lot of times it’s not just letters that Kristi sends.  There are always goodies involved. KixMost recently we received this package from Kristi.  The kids were so excited to receive a box of Kix.  They love that cereal.  It doesn’t take much to make our kids happy. Kix1 When we opened the box, there were no Kix.  The kids were not disappointed though.  They were ecstatic to see fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, and popcorn!

Inside the package was also a card for Jared’s birthday.  Thomas promptly said, “Dad you get a dollar bill for your birthday!”  Jared opened the card and there was no dollar bill.  Thomas said, “Dad where is your dollar bill?  You get one on your birthday.”  We told him that only the kids get those dollar bills.  It’s amazing to me to see the things the kids remember.  The little ones don’t know how to read yet, but they do know when there is a package from Kristi.  They know her handwriting.  So, thank you Kristi.  Out family loves receiving your packages and I absolutely love the card you sent me.  ;)  Thank you!!!


Tamsyn said...

Awww so sweet! She sounds like a lovely lady, you're blessed to have her as part of your family :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

That is a clever disguise for treats!

She sounds like a very sweet aunt. What a blessing!