Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Outtakes

EkidsI think with just about every holiday I have included my futile attempts at a group photo with the kids. EKids1Here are a few of them.  There is always someone not looking at the camera.Ekids2  I did enjoy messing around with the colors.Ekids4   For the most part they were all pretty cooperative.Ekids7  When we got home I tried again.  Maybe I should have bribed them with candy.  Just a thought.Ekids9 I don’t suggest taking photos at noon when the lighting is so harsh.Ekids10It was also lunch and nap times.  They’re still holding up okay. Ekids11I have to say that the shadows are horrible.  Elizabeth is starting to fade.Ekids12It’s still fun to look through all the photos.  You can see some interesting things begin to unfold. 

Happy Easter!

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