Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Morning…

Shockingly, I got myself and six kids to church by 7:45 am all on my own, on Easter morning.  I’m still in shock just thinking about it.  I don’t know if I’d really call myself a morning person, so that’s why it’s so shocking. Easter9Here’s another shocker.  Elizabeth is mama’s girl.  She doesn’t like many people, so when I saw her sitting on Grandpa Roland’s lap, not crying, it was shocking.  It was also really sweet.

 Easter Easter1

We had a quick breakfast.  Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt.  This was Elizabeth’s first year to participate.  She was a little confused at first, but quickly go that hang of it.

Easter2  Our younger children had personal escorts.  They were pretty spoiled.Easter3David really just wanted to run around.  Then he figured out what was inside of the eggs. Easter4Rebecca is getting so grown up.  She almost looks too old to be hunting Easter eggs. Easter12

Many of my kids have this thing they do with their tongue.  It comes from their father.  He does the same thing when he’s deep in concentration.

  Easter5 Easter6

Thomas has become an old pro.  He found a huge pile of eggs all together.

Easter7It was hard to keep up with Rachel.  She was all over the place. Easter8 Easter10

Oh!  Time’s up.  Gotta run! Look at that form.  He’s going to be a runner someday!  With the sun shining it looks pretty warm, right?  Well, it was kind of windy and maybe about 40 degrees outside.  The kids were troopers, but it was really cold.


Come on.  The kids can’t be the only ones to have all the fun!  A lady from our church went out, after the kids came in, and collected tons of eggs.  Guess who she ended up giving them to?  That’s right.  So if your kids didn’t get to hunt Easter eggs come on over to our house.  We have TONS.  Really.  Five of our kids filled their bags. 

So that was Easter morning.  The rest of our Easter was, oh, I don’t know, interesting?  I don’t even  know what to say about it really.  So stay tuned for more to come.


Ewe said...

I'm impressed EVERY Sunday that you get the whole gang to church by yourself, not just early on Easter. I was impressed that Sunday that we came to visit you last June. I only have 3 and 1/2 the year I have 11 am service and I still have a difficult time some Sundays!

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures! I absolutely love the girls' dresses! Where did you find them?