Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter continued…

After an amazing church service and visiting with people from church we got home and I hurriedly began getting Easter dinner ready.  We had abundance of strawberries so I thought I’d dip them in caramel and roll them in nuts.  Maybe when I saw that these were super sticky and that the recipe says to eat them right away or chill them in fridge, I should have seen that things were starting to go downhill.Easter13Our guests were scheduled to arrive at 3:30pm.  I think around 3:20 or so the little boy next door came over said that there was “throw up” next to Rebecca in their backyard.  When I asked where she was he said she was “taking a nap in the backyard.”  Bad sign.  I went and got her. As I was getting her to go change her clothes Thomas came in from our backyard.  He was trying to tell me something when he and I got interrupted by him puking all over the kitchen floor.  Now I must let you know that at church he and David snuck a ton of candy from their eggs and had been eating it all morning.  David joined the fun not long after Thomas.  So for the rest of the evening we had three puking kids.  They took turns. Easter15 I must say that the rest of the evening was kind of a blur.  All I really remember was cleaning up puke, cooking, cleaning up puke, cooking, cleaning up puke.  You get the idea.  I did manage to get a few photos but not many.  Our guests still came and food was eaten.  I think they enjoyed themselves, but I can’t be certain because I felt like I was cleaning up puke most of the time.Easter16Thomas was pretty lethargic most of the evening.  Even though we finally gave him a bowl it didn’t really help.  The kids just weren’t fast enough to get up and use them.   Most of the time they were laying down and couldn’t get up fast enough.  Although David seemed fine.  He was hopping around all evening except when he stopped to puke on the carpet or a pillow.  It was nice.  They didn’t get the tile floor messy.  And by the end of the night Jared had joined in on the puking party too.  Although he managed to enjoy a cigar before and dessert before that.  Yes, it was a great evening. Easter19 Now I did manage to get some photos of the babies.  It was getting late though, so I didn’t get many.  :(Easter20Aren’t they adorable?

In the end I think bellies were full and everyone, for the most part, was happy.  We still can’t figure out why half our family got sick, but if I had to guess, I think it was some sort of food poisoning.  Everyone was fine by the next day.  It didn’t even last 24 hours.  Rachel, Elizabeth, Anna, and I never got sick.  Good times for sure…or at least memorable, right, Heather?  They hit a bird on the way to our house.  It was a strange day for sure.

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

So sorry about the pukies. When we have those kinds of days, I lay towels on the floor and make them nap there. Preferably not on carpet.

Glad it was a short lived. And yes, those babies are super adorable!