Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crazy Weather

TrellisLast week, exactly seven days from today, Jared was out constructing this awesome trellis for our clematis. The clematis outgrew the old, flimsy trellis that used to be there. It was nice outside. The kids were out playing and riding their bikes. Then: BAM! A snowstorm rolled in. It wasn’t a small storm either. In fact, these next photos were taken just a couple hours after the storm started.

Snow Snow1

Rebecca tried to help shovel all of this snow. It was very wet and heavy.


This snow storm was not like the other storms we’ve had since living in Colorado. It started out as a rain and snow mix. Then it turned to just snow.

Snow3 Snow4

It came down quickly. Jared tried to keep on top of the shoveling, but I’m not sure that he was that successful.


It was pretty crazy. My camera didn’t even know what to focus on half the time.
It took a lot of muscle to throw this snow over. Our storms normally produce nice, fluffy snow. This was not nice and fluffy. This was snow ball and snow man snow. Did you know that there’s a difference?

Rebecca tried to be like her dad. :)Snow12I had just pulled out the old Crocs. They kids were wearing them while they were playing outside earlier. Elizabeth is in the “wear everyone else’s shoes” stage. She’s wearing Rachel’s shoes. Snow13This is the day after. I think we ended up getting 10-12 inches. I had an eye appointment in the morning. I was thankful for four wheel drive. Snow14

The sun came out later and the snow melted quickly. Now stayed tuned for what we did today; seven days after this snow storm.


Ewe said...

We didn't have a snowstorm last week and we were thankful because they were worried about flooding here. Today it was 76 degrees!

Displaced Iowan said...

Your state is ridiculous.

giovanni said...

funny. also here in the northern italy the weather is crazy too,