Friday, March 26, 2010

19 Months

19mthseli1Elizabeth turns 19 months old today.  She’s becoming quite the little girl and is very opinionated.   She thinks she can conquer the world. She is very much a mama’s girl and is very leery of people she doesn’t know very well. I can’t leave her with many people because she will cry the entire time I am gone. Yikes!19mthsEli2When I brought her in for her 18 month appointment she still wasn’t even 20 pounds.  Anna will probably catch her soon.  I also realized that she wasn’t talking as much as the other kids had at this age.  She basically just grunts or screams when she wants something. So now we are working on making her talk more.  I may be calling you Brenda. E19mthsw She hates when anyway tries to boss her around.  She basically does the opposite of what you want her to do.  When Elizabeth sees anyone outside she wants to go out too.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is like she just wants out.  We had this snow storm the other day and Jared was trying to keep things shoveled so there wouldn’t be so much later. Elizabeth snuck out and then I tried to put her hood on and she wouldn’t let me.  She just wanted to walk around outside in the wind and cold.  It didn’t bother her one bit… until she got really cold.  Oh, well such is life.  She’s still pretty cute.

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