Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

Plants7In our desperation for spring to arrive we decided that it was time to begin a few starter plants for our garden.  It looks like we have a little time a few hours before the next storm blows through. Plants1All the kids always want in on the planting. Plants6Rachel and Thomas were in charge of filling the pots with dirt.  What kid doesn’t love playing the dirt?Plants4Our neighbor even wanted in on all the action…or maybe he just wanted to watch.  He brought his lawn chair over and made himself comfortable.  All he’s missing is a beer in his hand.  :)Plants9The kids grew tired of planting seeds, so it was time to get their little legs moving.Plants10They decided to have a bike parade! PlantsJordan2This is our neighbor’s dog, Jordan.  Don’t you dare mess with any of our kids or you’ll have to deal with Jordan.  I don’t think you want to deal with Jordan.  She would win.Plants12 We planted tomatoes and eggplant.  Hurry up spring!


Erin said...

Wisconsin is still under a heavy white blanket, with more snow expected in the current forecast. It was darn right chilly the past few days. No spring on the horizon here! :(

I tried to start my own plants a couple of years back. The whole operation was a dismal failure. The seeds germinated, came up, and then flopped over. Gardeners I've talked to tell me that the seedlings need to be warm and under a grow light 20 hours a day to be successful. What is your trick? Seems like everything you put your hand to is an overwhelming success.

JAN said...

Oh, Erin, you must look at who is planting the seeds. I take no credit for the things that grow in our garden. My thumb is brown and my husband's is green. We do however, have a ton of light in our house so, I just stick them on a shelf inside and the light that comes through our windows is almost blinding at times. I've been told that growing things in CO is quite challenging because of the soil, however, last year many of our church members would bring us tons of produce and we couldn't get our garden to grow like theirs. It's definitely a learning process and a lot of work.

Colorado has the most extreme weather of any place that I have lived. While we planted those seeds it was about 55 degrees out and today it is about 30 degrees and we are supposed to get more snow as well. It has actually warmed up quite a bit these last few days compared to what it has been lately, although I don't think we have been as cold as everyone out east and we surely have not gotten that much snow. We've been getting enough to be annoying if we have to drive somewhere.