Monday, February 22, 2010


SnowThe last three Sunday mornings have been quite snowy.  This particular Sunday it was really coming down near our house.  Visibility was low.  It did get better the closer I got to church although it was still snowing. This is an open field at our church.  It’s so pretty when it’s covered with snow.Grace1Reading the title of this post you may have thought that I was going to say the snow was so bright that I was blinded.  That’s what you were thinking right?  You weren’t expecting this photo above were you?  This is what blinded me.  See those pants?  Yep.  You can’t miss them.  I think those pants would help a blind person see again.  Grace

This poor little confirmand.  The funny thing is that as I was chatting with her parents after church, her dad told me that she actually thinks she looks good.  If that’s the case then I am getting REALLY old.   Maybe I should start a weekly post on the latest teenage fashion.  I could feature Grace every week because she is always this stylish.  How about it Grace?  Love ya!


Joy said...

That is a beautiful snow pic. As for the girl, she looks like half my youth group. The 80's look is back!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

haha! when i look at current teen fashion and the trend towards neon again, i cringe. ummm... i've already done that and still regret it! must we be reminded of our own former fashions? at least the 80s are slowly starting to go out of style again... i hope.