Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3 Broken Needles, 4 Bobbin Refills…

DB1It started with this book.  It’s a beautiful book. DB3Kellee and I had to have this diaper bag.  Really.  We had to have it.  I said I’d make them if she sent me her fabric.  Kellee does a great job at matching and color coordinating things. DB4I had to have my little helper with me.  (This is for you Lauren.  No knives this time.  Just pins.) DB5 I spent many hours cutting, pinning, and ironing.  I could not live without my rotary cutter or my magnetic pin cushion.DB6There are many layers to this diaper bag.  Not just interfacing on the fabric itself, but the fabric, interfacing, and a fleece lining.  These bags are heavy duty! DB7This was the fun part.  I could do without all of the cutting and pinning.  Just sewing is something I could do all day. DB8Pinning and putting the outside with the inside got a little tricky because it was so thick.

 DB9 DB10

A few of my pins even got bent in half.  When all was said and done I had several bent pins and three broken machine needles. I had to refill my bobbin thread four times and there was a ton of ironing involved.  It was all worth it though because these diaper bags are amazing.


Okay, Gail.  These are for you!  Here are the full photos of the bags.  Not only are they amazing, but they are enormous.  I love it!


This is Kellee’s bag.  See?  I told you she was really good at picking and coordinating fabric and colors.  I love how the colors just pop!  I’m going to start using it until she comes to get it.  Hee, hee!


This is my bag. It’s a little more mellow. The outside is corduroy.  It’s very heavy duty and durable.


They even have little cell phone pockets on the side.  If I had thought more about it, I would have put a pocket on  both sides.


The inside has four huge pockets and also two slightly insulated bottle pockets.  Now I’ve already tested this out and I love how the pockets hold so much!!  I feel so organized.

DB16   So you can get a sense for how big this bag really is, here I am with Anna.   If you decide to get this book or make this bag shoot me an email.  I had some issues with the pattern.  They were small, but a little annoying. 


Laura said...

Jan, you are amazing! Those are the coolest, largest diaper bags I have ever seen!

Kellee said...

HOLY COW! They are so cute and huge!

JAN said...

Thanks for the book Laura! Not sure if I can give it back to Kel.

Huge! I know right? I think Anna and Priscilla can fit inside of them. Might be easier to carry them that way. :)

Adriane said...

Oh my gosh. They ARE ginormous . . . and ginormous I mean ADORABLE. Do these come in graduate school bookbag size? Because if so, I'm officially putting in an order. Should I just send you my credit card number now?

Emily Elizabeth said...

Fantastic job! I love sewing, and those look like a lot of fun (and work!).
I just wanted to say that your family is beautiful! I just love your site :)


Lauren said...

How about you and the kids jump in the enormous, super cute diaper bag and ship yourselves to Indiana? Deal?

I'm glad to see you've downgraded from knives to pins for Anna. Phew. But how could you get anything done with that sweet face staring at you?

Angie said...

Nice work! Dd is looking over my shoulder and suggesting you carry the baby *in* the bag. :)

Julie Rivera Photography said...

That's not a diaper bag..it's a baby bag! Anna could hide in there! I am really, really impressed with your skills on the sewing machine. The closest I've come to sewing is mending a hem on a t-shirt. By hand. Badly.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Wow, great job with the bag! I think those fabric choices are wonderful.

Ewe said...

My first guess from the first photos was a camera strap but I knew it wasn't that because it was from the baby book!

Gail said...

Thanks for the great shots of the finished projects. They both look gorgeous--and if you were 5'10" tall it might not look like a gigantic bag after all. Now if I saw it modeled by Jared...

(I'll bet David could even fall asleep in there!)