Tuesday, February 2, 2010

17 Months and 5 Months

17ElElizabeth, now seventeen months old is difficult to photograph.  She’s a mover.  It’s best to get some shots of her while she is sitting, however, that mostly happens only at meal times.  Since that is the case, here are some photos of her doing just that: eating.  !7El1She goes all out when she eats.  Her hair gets a nice style from all the goo she puts in it.  Her face gets a nice exfoliation after we scrub all the dried on food off.  It’s great.  She loves it. 5Anna Anna, now five months old, rolls all over the place.  She loves to touch and grab at things.


She is quite intrigued by the world around her.  She studies everything and everyone.  There is definitely no shortage on the action that goes on around here.


Katie Fiene said...

They are growing so fast! I miss them.

Amy said...

Such beautiful girls!! Love the pictures.

Gail said...

Oh my goodness,what a doll! Now tell me, is Elizabeth using the utensil to put that gel in her mouth or her hair??? Either way,it appears she is multitasking and some day you'll appreciate that she can eat and do her hair at the same time.