Wednesday, February 10, 2010

100 Easy Lessons

Since the beginning of this blog I have met so many great people.  I’ve gotten to “meet” several other bloggers who home school as well.  I’ve also received a few questions about what curricula we use, so I thought I’d share a little.Reading For reading I have used, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  It has worked great for our family.

Reading2Rachel usually does 2 to 3 lessons a day because she really enjoys it. Reading3I love how the kids begin reading words before they have even learned all of the phonemes.  I think it makes them feel successful and they seem even more eager to keep going. Reading5The fun part is at the end of each lesson.   There is a mini story.Reading7 We cover up the picture.  Then Rachel reads the story and gives me a run down of what she thinks will be in the picture. It’s a fun guessing game.  It also help with comprehension, so I can tell she knows what she is reading.Reading1

Outside of this book there are little story books that Rachel enjoys reading on her own.  I’ll post them in a few.


Emily Elizabeth said...

I am a homeschool graduate myself. From 1st grade until just this year - I graduated before the end of the year.
I loved it, I love seeing other families homeschool and hearing how it blesses them, and I can't wait to homeschool when I, Lord willing, have kids of my own someday!
Thank you for sharing this, it looks like a great book! That's just one of the many things about homeschooling that I love - being able to choose the curriculum that works for your child, not a general book that might work for most of the kids in the class room ;)


Kellee said...

I am waiting for the post about the case of the missing cursive writing lessons. Or has that mystery been solved?

Cate said...

*de-lurking* (Cate from the Loop; I came over from Erin's blog)

I use the The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading and that's worked well, but now I'm coveting this as well; I love the pictures in every lesson.

Why doe the text have some letters written in a smaller font than others? That looks interesting too.

I love seeing what other home-schoolers use with their kids; thanks for sharing!

naybread said...

Thanks to you and Lauren, I'll be checking out that book very soon.

JAN said...

Emily-Yes! That is one of the reasons I love to home school. I get to use things that work for my kids!

Kel- I haven't found the cursive program. It is driving me bananas. I might just end up ordering a new set. I know I'll use it. Today is going to be a reorganizing day.

Cate-I'm glad I'm not the only one who covets some of the things that others use. I'm always wanting to try new things, but have to talk myself out of it. :) The little letters represent silent sounds. So the words are spelled correctly but the child knows not to sound out the small letters. As the book goes on the writing becomes normal and there are no dots or small letters. It slowly transitions towards that.

DeAnn-Yes you should get the book. It's great! Do you home school as well?

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

My boys learned to read with 100EZ Lessons as well. The only part we left out was the writing part. I made a 100s chart and they would get a little sticker after every lessons. Every 10th lessons was rewarded with a small prize such as a piece of candy, sticker or fun pencil. The grand prize for completing 100 lessons was a trip to Chuck E Cheese!

It's funny though, we stopped in the 70s with our kids as they were well into reading real books by that point. We still went to CEC too. :)