Monday, January 4, 2010

Sylvan Dale Ranch

S5On the fifth day of Christmas we went to Sylvan Dale Ranch.  This place is amazing!  You can go there and learn to be a real cowboy.  We just went for the wagon ride and bonfire.  Maybe next summer we can be cowboys!S6If I remember correctly, there is not a paved road on this ranch.   It goes and goes forever.  It’s beautiful open space that will never be developed.SBlog3We were fortunate enough to enjoy some time with dear friends!   S8SBlog1The pulling and jerking of the horses and the wagon put David to sleep.  Now Adriane and David go way back.  She rescued him from a pack n’ play when he was just a few months old.  They’ve become good buddies.  :)SBlog6      S15These were some massive horses.  They probably weighed more than all of us put together.  They are gorgeous, hard working creatures.SBlogAfter our wagon ride there was a bonfire waiting for us complete with s’mores and hot chocolate.  It was perfect!S25

  S26 S31

I think everyone had a little piece of Elizabeth.  She loved it.

S29There were perfectly sharpened sticks for the children to roast their marshmallows. SBlog4Kellee is always in charge of the food. She is probably the most organized person as well, so that makes her the best person to be in charge of the food.  On top of all that she’s an incredible multi-tasker.SBlog2S40Rachel is saving a little marshmallow, on her chin, for later. SBlog5  S42 S43This is a manure spreader in case you were wondering.  Jon is explaining how it all works. S45 Now these guys think they’re going to go and spread some manure around.S47

But wait.  All the children want to go along too!

 S48 S49

Maybe the kids can do all the spreading.


confessionalcook said...

Your sweet and unflappable personality, your great eye for a good shot and your fantastic camera have created another delightful story in pictures. Though very brief, it was great to see you and the little ones who stopped in for a potty break. I'm glad you and yours were able to join in for the "Missouri Lutherans do Sylvan Dale" day.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

LOL! So long as they don't go spreading it by hand!

What a breathtakingly beautiful place. Was it windy? I am such a winter wimp.

Displaced Iowan said...

I like the one of the guys in the manure spreader the best. Lutherans have always been able to spread it on thick . . .
Love your pictures! Let me know when I can buy your camera. And hire you as my photographer. And my graphic designer. Yeah, all of those.

JAN said...

Thank you Gail. I wish we had more time to visit.

Marsha, I'm a cold wimp too. It wasn't that bad. Not windy. The sun makes everything better.

Adriane, I think I am your graphic designer, remember? I'm your photographer too! Didn't you get the pics? :) Whatever you need I'm here for you. Still trying to find that cowboy for you as well.