Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Entertainment of the show was..

…the rodeo clown! There is so much lag time in between each bull ride that there needs to be some other form of entertainment as well.

SS28Now this guy here, Flint Rasmussen is hilarious.  I admit that I would go to a show just to see this guy perform. SS18  It’s hard work being rodeo clown.  You have to be in shape just in case a bull comes a chasing.  You have to be quick and even able to climb and jump.SS22Sometimes you even get hurt.  He got a little boo boo and he’s showing it off. SS31There are some perks too.  You get to hang with the bull riders and be one of the first to congratulate them on a good ride.SS32

It helps to know how to do the Moonwalk as well as Michael Jackson.  You never know when that might come in handy.SS45Knowing how to do the chicken dance doesn’t hurt either.  Even the bull fighters know this dance.  Who doesn’t? SS46  SS69 Sometimes the crowd helps provide entertainment.  This guy thought it would be fun to try and streak while running across the arena.  SS56Flint picked up his shirt and tried to show us a replay in slow motion.SS48

Ah!  The life of a rodeo clown is rough, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Here’s a little video of Flint in action.  He’s even better in person.  Enjoy!

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