Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some Hot Chocolate

HChoc4After braving the cold the kids came inside, changed their clothes, and tried to warm up.  You start with a nice cup of hot chocolate.HChoc5Then you add marshmallows.  Gotta have the marshmallows.HChocWhen you hand Thomas his cup you must enjoy the pure excitement all over his face.  It’s one of those priceless moments.HChoc2Now Rebecca is a little more sophisticated.  You see that right? HChoc1Rachel is happy-go-lucky.  That cocoa might be a little too hot, so she has a cup of cold water to go with it. HChoc3

David, the typical two year old just wants to eat the marshmallows.


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Christmas Joy comes in many ways! Personally, I like marshmallows AND whipped cream on top. And if it's too hot, I let the kids pour a little cold milk in to taste.

Colleen said...

This might be a weird comment, but I would like to be one of your children. Okay then.