Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Craziness

C2Obviously this was Anna’s first Christmas.  She seemed to enjoy herself in all the madness.


I think every child had a different strategy to opening their gifts.  Once Rachel opened her doll she didn’t care about anything else.

C5 C4 

David LOVED EVERYTHING he opened.  That look of surprise/shock/excitement was there every time he opened something.  Now Rebecca is older and too sophisticated to show any emotion.C6This giraffe made the rounds.  I’m not even sure who’s toy this is, but everyone loves it.  It was in the $1 section at Michaels.  Maybe that’s where we’ll get all of their gifts next year.

 C7  C9  

Elizabeth may end up getting the giraffe in the end.  She didn’t care to open anything.  She just went around and took the things that were already opened.  David is getting the hang of things this year.  Last year he was the way Elizabeth was this year. 

 C13I think Thomas’s goal was to open as many presents as quickly as possible because he was finished before anyone else.C14

  Things were getting a little messy.  We almost lost Elizabeth in the wrapping paper.

C15It’s starting to get out of control.  C17Yikes!  Stop the madness!  It was getting so crazy that we couldn’t tell if everything had been opened.  C19Anna’s been working on trying to roll over. C20She’s also quite the chatter box.    C24Jared was the go to guy to get stuff opened.  The packaging on toys these days is insane.  You almost need a saw or wire cutters to open things.C25  The older kids got 0 degrees sleeping bags.  With all the camping in the summer time it is still pretty cold at night and in the mornings.  Jared and David are trying them out.C28Jared’s had a long Advent season along with two Christmas Eve services and a Christmas morning service.  He was just a little tired.  C29  These are a few of our favorite things…


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

The packaging IS insane! We always put a kit together the night before. Wire cutters, kitchen scissors and screw drivers. What a life saver.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Love your fav gifts! Science stuff is so fun. This year we put Garbled Marbles in their stockings.

I wish your pictures came with sound. I would love to hear the sounds of paper tearing, delightful squeals and my goodness... walking through all those piles? Christmas memories indeedy!