Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Snowy Day

We woke up Thursday morning and it was still snowing and it was 21 degrees outside.  I believe that it did stop snowing for a little while.  I think it stopped just before we went to bed.  Then it started up again shortly before we woke up.  I tried to measure the snow later in the day, but my ruler wasn’t long enough.  I got the tape measure out.  It measured 18 inches here, 16 inches there, so I think we got close to 20  inches of snow.  HELLO! It’s not even winter yet.  I wonder if this is a new thing, kind of like how stores put out Christmas decorations before Halloween.  Maybe it’s a sign of how our winter will be.  Or maybe we’re getting all the snow now and there won’t be any this winter.  It kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  Okay enough rambling.  If you’ve got your hot chocolate in hand, or not, because the weather is back into the 60s, get ready for some photos of our second snowy day.

Snow6Here’s my Preacher again doing what he is so great at doing, clearing a path for us all. Snow11David is starting to ponder why he thought he wanted to come out into the snow.  It’s a little deep.  It’s a little difficult to maneuver around. Snow14Snow12 It’s even a hard for Thomas to walk around in this stuff.Snow10It’s too hard to walk in the snow, so let’s just try swimming in it. Snow13Why not just sit here and throw snow at each other.  They tried to build a snow man, but it was hard getting the snow to stick together.  It need to melt a little more first. Snow17 Snow18Thomas likes to roar.  Just randomly he’ll let out a big “ROAR.” Snow15This little princess is thinking about taking a nap. Snow16

The kids enjoyed our fall snow.  Be sure to come back for our Halloween edition coming out soon!  Things warmed up by Halloween.  Whew!

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Jennifer Bowen said...

More great snow photos! Love them all. Can't wait to see your Halloween edition. =)