Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Adventure with The Pioneer Woman


Monday night my friend, Katie, and I went to the Tattered Cover Bookstore to meet The Pioneer Woman. She’s a blogger. If you read her blog then you almost feel like you’re her best friend. She has a way of drawing people in and then you get hooked. That’s probably why there were about 500 other people there wanting to meet her as much as Katie and me.PW29She was telling us how nervous she was and how she couldn’t get her Spanx off in the bathroom. “I’m just a blogger, not a public speaker.”

PW21 Missy and Nan came along for the tour.

PW23 PW22

“This is taking a long time. Why did you bring me with you, Mom?” Anna did amazingly well. She’s pretty laid back.


We’re getting closer.


Finally! It’s our turn to meet The Pioneer Woman. She has a thing for babies. If you read her blog you probably already knew that.


She’s so nice, witty, and funny. Just like her blog. People really think that they are her BFF. They brought her gifts, cake, cookies, you name it, and it was probably there. See the pile in the background? There’s a ton more on the floor. I just brought a baby.PW11

The Pioneer Woman loves babies. Can you tell? She loved Anna. Anna made her want to have another baby.


I was all star struck and got all tongue tied. I asked Ree if I could have her Spanx. She told me they were all sweaty.PW7

I told her that I needed her Spanx more than she did.PW6

She asked me if Anna was my first baby. I told her that Anna was number seven and that’s why I needed her Spanx more than she did.PW4

She asked me if I gave birth to all seven babies. I said, “Yes.”PW3

She said, “Really? No way.”PW1

Did I tell you that she loves babies? Anna started cooing at her. It made her start tearing up.PW The Pioneer Woman loves babies. She saw Anna and now she wants to have another one. She told me so.

PWK1 Here’s Katie with Ree.

It was a long night. We arrived around 6pm. We knew there would be a lot of people, so we tried to get there early. We got a couple of the last chairs in the back. The Pioneer Woman arrived at 7:30pm. When we got into the car to leave it was 10:15pm. Did I mention that the bookstore didn’t realize that Ree would draw so many people that they weren’t prepared? There were a ton of people standing and wrapping around two different staircases. It was a little out of control. My friend Colleen was also there. Colleen has a great story to share. All in all Katie and I had a great time. We were able to just sit and chat with no interruptions. We got out of the house with no kids for a few hours. For me it was kind of relaxing. I’d do it again anytime. Oh, and the cookbook is great! Go out and get one.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks


Ewe said...

I'm so jealous that you live so close to Tattered Cover to say nothing of your adventure! Doesn't that sound like something teenagers would do? And yes, Anna is so cute that it would make women want to have another one.

Colleen said...

I was so glad to see you there! Yes, let's get coffee sometime!

Laura said...

I'm so jealous too! She is one of my best friends too! I have her cookbook and made delicious cinnamon rolls today...and if I keep eating her recipes I will need spanx, too. GREAT pictures! I'm so glad you got to talk to her.

Adriane said...

Two words:


Shh. Can you hear that? That's me reveling in the awesomeness.