Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wall Art?

Jared says that I paint this picture (on my blog) that makes our family look almost perfect. Sorry if I ever gave you that impression. Our family is no where near perfect. We have our good days and we have our bad days. (I usually only remember to take photos of the good stuff.) Our home is almost always chaotic. Having six children at home is a lot of work. I can't keep my eyes on all of them at all times. This leads me to the photos below.

Sometimes things get left out. They don't make it back to their proper places. Things like Sharpie pens. That's not something that should EVER be left out. I can't recall when this drawing took place. It was probably over two months ago. None of children have confessed to drawing this lovely picture. We have narrowed it down though. We believe the culprit is Thomas. In fact, I am almost certain that he did it. Elizabeth and Anna were eliminated right away. Then we have Rebecca and Rachel. They are much too old to draw like this. They draw with more detail. That leaves Thomas and David. David doesn't quite have the skills to draw this intricately. So the only person who could have done this is Thomas.
I'm thinking about purchasing an open back frame and just putting a frame around it. What do you think? That way I won't have to bother finding the time to scrub it off. It's been on the wall for over two months. I'll get to it some day, I know I will. Maybe when things are less chaotic, but for now I'm enjoying the chaos. After all it's just a wall right? You should see my basement. That should be an art gallery!

By the way, this should come off if you scrub it with a Magic Eraser. I know this because a few years ago one of kids decided to draw on our piano with a Sharpie pen. :)

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Jennifer Bowen said...

Did they play the blame game on you? ;) At least you figured out who could be the culprit.

I wish we had a basement. It'll make for an awesome classroom in our home. But, alas, Texas isn't big on basements. :(