Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some days...

we are a little slow in changing out of our pajamas. What's the rush if we aren't going anywhere?
"ROAR!" I am lion. Hear me roar!

David is our "Linus." He doesn't go anywhere without his blanket. Boots and backpack? That's his new thing. Our neighbor gave us some boots. He likes wearing them...all the time. Same thing with the backpack. Rebecca put a bunch of heavy books in it and he still wants to wear it. It's a little heavy for him. If he leans back just a little bit he automatically falls over. It's pretty funny.

"Moooo!" Oh, now he's a cow!


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh my word! He is adorable!!!

Love the boots, backpack, pj's and blankie! That truly captures the fun and individuality of being a little one. I love his sense of style! :)

Marcia said...

Too cute! If you put John and David together they could probably conquer the world. Who, really, could say no to them?!