Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

This past Tuesday, September 15, we celebrated Rebecca’s 8th birthday.  (I can’t believe I’m old enough to have a daughter that’s eight years old.)  Here are some photos of Rebecca when she was just days old.  These photos are pre digital, so they were scanned onto our computer. 

Reb01Reb01a I asked Rebecca what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday and she said that she wanted to make it herself.   Not wanting to disappointment the birthday girl, we let her tackle her own cake.  (I was actually pretty happy about that since I’ve been pretty tired lately. No complaints here.)

RBdayWhat can I say?  The girl LOVES pink.  Over the years pink has grown on me, but it’s never been my favorite color.  As much as I tried to fight it I can’t.  Rebecca loves pink and I think she always will.RBday1

The cake looks great, doesn’t it?  I think she did pretty well for doing the whole thing by herself!RBday2

We got her an American Girl doll.  She doesn’t go anywhere without her.  She named her doll Emma.  Now she is knitting Emma a scarf for the winter.  Next she wants me to teach her how to sew, so she can sew clothes for Emma.RBday3


     The last three photos were taken with my phone.  I was feeding Anna at the time and holding an SLR camera and nursing a baby don’t really work at the same time.  If anyone has any tips let me know. 

And again I am behind on blogging.  I have so many photos to go through and so little time….

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