Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day at the Park

I’m doing some back tracking to before Anna was born.  Just a few days before Anna’s arrival the kids and I ventured out to this really neat park.  It was mid morning and we had the entire playground to ourselves.  The kids went wild and had a great time.  It was such a pretty day that I, of course, shot way too many photos.  Since I have so many photos I couldn’t decide which ones to post!  Here’s a bunch!



 Park13 Park16

Park8 Park17

They all loved this platform, rocker thingy.  What is this thing actually called?  I have no idea.  There were two of these and they actually fought over them after they fought over the swings.  Then they decided to all get on one platform together.

Park22Elizabeth went along with everything.  She’ll go anywhere and just hang out.  I think she has to be our most laid back, easy to please child.  Do you like her hair?  It’s all natural.  I don’t have to do anything to it.  It just sticks straight up on its own even if I try to get to stay down it just pops back up.

Park27When David is in the right mood he wants to have his picture taken and he’ll even pose for you.

Don’t worry I have even more photos to post from the park.   I’m not done yet.  It’ll have to wait though.  I need a nap.  :)

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