Saturday, August 15, 2009

So, So Fun…

with Kellee, Josie, and Grace.  This week we headed north to spend the day with Kellee and her girls.  This was their last week of summer break.  I can’t believe how the summer has flown by.

Z They had a great time playing store and restaurant.  Then it was time for lunch where they enjoyed grilled hot dogs and watermelon.Z2a After lunch they wanted to play in the sprinkler, so we had them clean everything up.  They did pretty well considering the room they had on the cart.  Kellee and I thought everything was going to tip over, but it never did.Z3

Here is another one of Rachel’s cute, cute outfits.  What do you think?  I believe the skort used to belong to Josie or Grace because we have two of them.

Z1 z7


The girls couldn’t get enough of the sprinkler.  The boys on the other hand enjoyed the balls and kitchen toys more than the sprinkler.  Stay tuned for Kellee and Jan’s fun, fun day! 


Kellee said...

The pictures turned out great! Why do they look like they are having so much fun when it took them forever to figure out what to do? :) Don't feel obligated to put up the pictures of our spectacular lunch either.

Adriane said...

How did that cart hold up under all that ice cream? Holy smokes!