Friday, August 14, 2009

Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza

Marcos Earlier this week some friends invited us downtown for pizza.  Without exaggeration I have to say that Marco’s Pizza is the best pizza that I have ever had.  Not only do they have incredible pizza, but they are an extremely family friendly restaurant.  It was an excellent dining experience for our large family.  When we arrived and were seated the waitress brought the kids pizza dough to play with while we were trying to decide what to order.  Then Marco came out to see if the kids were enjoying his dough.  They definitely liked the dough. It was better than play dough.

marcos6 marcos7

I think we ended up trying five different pizzas.  I can’t even decided which one was my favorite because they were all so good!  And get this, you order a pizza and it makes its way to your table in just minutes.  They have the most amazing oven.  Pizzas are cooked at 1000 degrees for 90 seconds.  Then they’re done. Marco was kind enough to take the kids to the back and show them his ovens and how they make pizza.  Can you believe I forgot to take photos of that?  What was a I thinking?  It was the neatest thing to watch and see.

Marcos3 Marcos5 marcos4 marcos2a

Oh, and don’t forget the dessert we ordered this Cannoli and it was to die for!  We also got the Nutella Pizza and the kids wore it home on their faces.  It was quite tasty.  I don’t think I was the only one who enjoyed Marco’s.  Thomas couldn’t stop eating either.  On our way home he said he had a stomachache because he ate too much pizza and he was never, ever going to eat pizza again.  Thanks Mike and Carissa for inviting us.  We had so much fun!  (I’ll leave my sunglasses in my purse next time.)

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Hooked On Beauty said...

MMMMM. Mike went there again last night without me for a work thing. I knew he didn't get enough showing up late and had to get his fill!

Love the pics- the cheese only on the white pizza is still my fav. I can't believe Thomas had 3 pieces and dessert!