Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cookies and Cream

Whenever Kellee and I get together we always enjoy talking about cooking, crafts, and decorating things.  One thing always leads to another.  I’m not even sure how this came up, but she handed me this cookie sandwich maker and said, “Here.  Take this home and try it.  Let me know how it works out.”  I took it home and we’ve actually used a few times.  I’m not sure Kellee will ever get this thing back.  I’m sure you could just stick ice cream in between two cookies, but what fun would that be when there is this neat little contraption?  I believe this ice cream sandwich maker also creates less mess and makes the sandwiches a little bit more uniform.  Plus it was a fun toy for Rebecca to play with.


You can get really creative with your sandwiches like this.  Cookie1



tina said...

This can only lead to no good. I have to have one of these.

Adriane said...

What the heck? Can you send some to Iowa packed in dry ice?

Kellee said...

Those turned out great! I love the pictures. I am just glad the contraption is getting put to good use!