Friday, August 7, 2009



Jared and I are always trying to think up ways to save money.  We talked about putting up some clotheslines to use the dryer less.  Not only would it save us from using the dryer, but also, maybe the air conditioner.  You know, because, using the dryer would heat up the house, making it warmer, and therefore, making me want to turn on the AC.  Thinking this was a good idea we did it!  We now have clotheslines in our backyard.  Now what I didn’t think about was the extra work that this would create for myself.  I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I would have to haul baskets of wet clothes outside and hang each piece individually.  What was I thinking?  I guess I hadn’t thought it through very well. 


Not to fear!  Intriguingly, Rebecca thought this idea of hanging clothes on clotheslines looked fun.  In fact, she really wanted to help put clothes on the line.  Rachel wanted to help as well.  They ended up crying over who would get to hang the clothes.  Can you believe it?  This has now become Rebecca’s chore.  I sometimes help her out, but for the most part she does it all.  When she gets a little whiny about it, all I have to say is that I will ask Rachel to do it.  Then she gets offended and off she goes to get the laundry done.  It’s great!CL1


Jennifer Van Cleave said...

I must be strange as I have always loved to do laundry. I love my outdoor clothesline (recently damaged in a storm and more upsetting to me than the demise of my garden). I plan my week around when I can have the time to hang up my clothes outside.

Do you have an attic fan installed in your house? I don't have AC or a swamp cooler. I do have an attic fan and turn it on when it starts to be cooler outside and run it until I go to bed. The first one up in the morning turns the attic fan back on until it starts to heat up outside. Then we close all the windows in the house and shut the thermal-backed drapes to keep out the heat of the day. There are days when it does get hot in the house but most days are quite comfortable. I don't bake in the summer unless we get a cool day. I think that my house is cooler than folks with AC because we take measures to keep the heat out (like shut drapes). Something to think about. I do like my electric bill at the end of every month.

Tina said...

We started to do the same when we lived in CO. We still do it here in TX. It works out so well! I'm glad you have a great little helper :)

Gretchen said...

That is absolutely hilarious, playing the girls off of each other to get the laundry done! Just wait till they get older and wiser and plot against mom!