Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too Quiet

This is David.  Most of you know him as our little clown.  Most of you with lots of little children also know that you can’t watch all of your kids every minute of every day.  Our kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves and each other.  However, when I don’t hear or see David for awhile I know that he is usually up to something.  Besides being a clown he’s also an escape artist.  He’ll figure out how to escape out of the house and he either goes to the neighbor’s house or walks the street.  When he isn’t trying to escape, most likely he is into something he shouldn’t be.  For example, here below, he decided to wash his hair with the conditioner in the girls’ bathroom.  It is conveniently in a massive bottle with a pump.  All he has to do is push down on the pump and voila’!  Conditioner everywhere.


Dav1   Dav

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Adriane said...

Yep. It's official. You need a nanny. I just so happen to know a good one.