Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mini Reunion

Last week we enjoyed a few days with Jared’s family at his Aunt Laurel and Uncle Mike’s home in Elizabeth, Colorado.  I think everyone had a great time.  We hardly saw the kids, except when we were watching them play.  Thank you Mike and Laurel for hosting everyone!

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There was plenty of food and fun to go around.  Ethan really loved all the food.  I think he could have eaten the entire time we were there.  Catching grasshoppers became one of Thomas and Adrien’s favorite things to do. 

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The neighbor even brought her mini over for the kids to go on buggy rides.



 18   71

Then came the slip ‘n slide.  The kids spent an entire afternoon perfecting their slides. 


Thomas didn’t really enjoy the slip ‘n slide.  We thought that if we forced him down a few times he would like it.  That didn’t happen.  He just got really mad.


Y0u probably can’t tell from these photos, but David is mocking Thomas all the way down the slide.  He ran down the hill as Thomas was sliding down the slide.  It’s kind of funny because David didn’t like the slip ‘n slide either, but he sure had fun watching Thomas.

64   67

I think this was the ride of the day.  Go Mike!  I forgot to ask how he was feeling the next day.  Hopefully he wasn’t too sore.  He made it all the way off the tarp!



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