Saturday, July 11, 2009

High Altitude Baking

The craziness began when Kellee and the girls came over the week before last.  First we made this zucchini bread.  Looks good doesn’t it?  Well there’s more…Zuc

Next we made these mouth watering cupcakes.  I had to prove my theory that the last cupcakes I had made from scratch didn’t turn out because of the altitude. All the bread I have tried baking out here always sinks in the middle and is mushy.  I blamed that on altitude also.  I think my theory was correct. We adjusted a few things for the bread and the cupcakes.  Look how they turned out!  No mushy center on the bread and the cupcakes didn’t over flow into my oven.  Yay!


As hard as we tried to keep things cleaned up as we went it didn’t really work too well.  I do think, however, that we did an amazing job juggling everything we did.  We kind of forgot about the kids after we kicked them out of the kitchen.  Then they showed up again wanting to eat.  I guess it was lunch time.  We were right in the middle of baking or measuring something.  We got lunches made and things in the oven only to remember that we hadn’t eaten either.  Oops!  Can you believe that two pregnant women would forget to eat lunch?  I think we forgot because we were waiting for these cupcakes!  You’re looking at this photo and you want one now don’t you? 

CherryLSoon after we gave the kids some cupcakes Jared’s family was knocking at the door.  Stay tuned for a fun filled week.  I know that Mike and Laurel are patiently waiting for photos on the slip and slide.


Adriane said...

Stop! Stop stop stop. If you don't stop this, Kel is going to want you for a sister and not me. I'm in peril of losing my sisterhood here because you bake with her and I don't. Watch it, lady. Yeah, that's right. You. Watch. It.

The Anti-Martha in Indiana

p.s. The cupcakes are way cute. I'm just sayin'.

benvenuta said...

Good! Can you send me the recipes?
Have a nice sunday!

Kellee said...

I am going to have you photograph all my food! The pictures turned out so cute. And we should probably live closer too, just to make that easier :) Thanks again for having us down.

JAN said...

That would never happen. It couldn't possibly, although if it gets you to move out here then I will let you think that. Imagine the fun we could have if you moved here. You know what? You have Lauren and that's not fair either. I think you both need to move here.

JAN said...

Our neighbor's house is for sale...