Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I get this a lot: “I don’t know how you do it.  How do you go shopping with all those kids?”  This is how.  I found the most kid friendly grocery store near our house. It just opened a few months ago and it is extremely child accommodating.   Now it’s a piece of cake to go to the grocery store. 

David likes to ride in the cart.  He doesn’t like to walk.  Now it’s even better because he can pretend to drive a car while we shop.  Elizabeth is just content to go along for the ride as long as she can see everything that is going on.  She has the best seat in the house.

The older kids think it’s pretty cool to have their own grocery cart.  It’s really helpful for them to have their own carts since we usually get a TON of groceries at once.  I think these little carts are bottomless.  By the time we were done shopping all the carts were almost overflowing.

The kids really enjoy going to the grocery store now.  It’s kind of funny we look like a family of ducks crossing the street when we are there.  They all follow behind me in a straight line so they don’t get in anyone else’s way, although they do tend to stray every now and then too.

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