Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bear Creek Lake

A few Fridays ago, I took the kids and our niece to Bear Creek Lake and met up with some home school friends.  I think the weather was a little off because it was blazing hot that day.  The forecast was for the low 80’s.  I’m pretty sure it hit 90.  I didn’t even bring a bathing suit because I thought it was going to be cooler.   Bad idea!  The kids didn’t care.  They just thought this beach was the coolest place - sand and water all together.  I think they’ve been land locked for too long.   We were there for a few hours when clouds began rolling in.  Then came a little thunder and lightning.  Then people began to scatter like Jaws was in the water.  That pretty much ended our day at the beach!  It was a good time and I am sure we will be back soon.






Tina said...

I recognize some of those munchkins :) I miss you!

Adriane said...

I love your new template! Beauteous!