Thursday, June 25, 2009


I’m a little behind on posting around when things happen.  Last week Jared took the older kids camping.  They had a blast.  I don’t think anyone wanted to come home. Well, Rachel may have started to get a little tired of camping by the last day.  She likes to stick close to home.   I stayed home with the little kids.  With only two kids it was so quiet and I felt like everything was moving in slow motion.  I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.













God some how miraculously placed these massive rocks here.  The kids loved climbing them.




Dan and Brenda said...

fun! looks like you have some good little rock climbers there

Colleen said...

I hate camping, but I love looking at your pictures! Camping to me is no cable at the hotel.

JAN said...

Will you guys make your little girls go rock climbing with you? I bet it'll come naturally for them. My kids are like monkeys. :

You are too funny! We just got a TV last year. :) Oh, and I didn't take those pics. I didn't go camping with them.

Maria Berg said...

That looks fun! In a few days we are off camping for the first time, MB