Friday, April 3, 2009

Disaster with the Easter Bunny....almost

Yesterday when the sun came out, after the huge snowstorm that we didn't get, I decided it was time to get out and get some grocery shopping done. As I am pulling into the parking lot my kids notice an Easter bunny. This of course is right next door at some check cashing place. One of them said, "Look! It's an Easter bunny."

I, knowing that my children are terrified of adults dressed in costumes like this, (we can no longer go to Casa Bonita, Chuck E Cheese, or Red Robin), said,"Oh, cool! Should we go see him?"

"No, no, no!" They all chimed together. Fine. They're no fun.

I unload the car. We are walking toward the entrance to Safeway and at the same time I see this woman. She is running frantically toward us like there is a fire coming out of the building. She starts to yell. "Excuse me, excuse me! We are doing free pictures with the Easter Bunny. Would you like to bring your kids over?" My kids are still bolting for the entrance thinking that this bunny was going to come running over.

I said, "I don't think so. My children don't really like that Easter bunny, but thank you anyway." Whew. We made it into Safeway without a confrontation with the bunny.

Most of the time my kids are pretty good at the grocery store. This was no exception. However, every once in awhile one of them likes to touch or stray. That's when I said, "Do you want to go see the Easter bunny? I will take you over there if you don't put that back."

"No, no!" And the item was promptly returned to its place. It worked pretty well. Then came time to check out and leave. That all went smoothly. Not a problem.

As we are leaving, a new lady tried to yell at us. She must no have been in the running mood. She just yelled at the top of her lungs, "Hey! We're taking free photos with the Easter bunny. You should bring your kids over." My kids started running for the car.

I yelled back, "No, thank you!"

We get home and as I am unloading the groceries I notice a package of tuna. How did that happen? I am usually pretty good at catching these little guys before it reaches the check out counter. I hate tuna. At least if they were going to sneak something in the cart it could have been a Snickers or something. That leads me to believe that it was David who did this. The other kids definitely would have known to put something better in the cart. That was our adventure at the grocery store for the week. So much fun.

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Gretchen Roberts said...

Sophia bought two bags of chips last week. One was jalapeno! How did I not see them in the cart???