Monday, April 13, 2009

Cake Pops!

I saw these really cool cake pops on Bakerella's blog and had to make some. I had high hopes for getting my cake pops to look just as amazing as hers were. Then I remembered that my kids would be the ones decorating them, not me. Instead of dyeing Easter eggs, we made cake pops. We made a lot of cake pops. I think I am addicted to making them now. It's so much fun. Oh, and they taste really good too!

Then I saw the cutest little Easter basket cup cakes and had to make some of those too. I was down to the wire on those though. When I went to the store to get Easter candy it was pretty picked over. There was hardly anything left, so this is what I came up with. Still kind of cute, I think.
So there you have it. Easter cup cake baskets and cake pops! Who needs to dye Easter eggs. I'd rather load them all up on sugar!

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Hooked On Beauty said...

I love the cake pops! Look out- when Ris catches wind of these she'll stack em to the ceiling and make cake pop princess towers.