Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Was He Thinking?

This morning as I am walking downstairs this is what I see- Thomas has taken an almost empty cereal container and dumped what was left on the carpet. What was he thinking? You know when you get to the bottom of the cereal all that's left is the broken up crumbs? Well, that is what he dumped all over the floor and then he and David proceeded to mash it into the ground.

Really? There was a trail from the kitchen out to our front room. What would make a kid think to do such a thing?
So now I am making him clean it up by hand. Should take all day. That cereal is really mashed in there. Should I be nice and pull the vacuum out? I did pull the vacuum out, but not until he had been working and whining at it for a long time. Then I made him clean up the kitchen floor with an old dish rag. Good times!


Hooked On Beauty said...

I'm coming to your house where it's just a free-for-all!

I love the updates where I can see just when you post- so much easier!

Colleen said...

lol! That is pretty hilarious, actually. Not so fun for you probably, but fun for us at home!

Marcia said...

Too bad John wasn't there to help! LOL