Wednesday, January 7, 2009

4 Months

I can't believe Elizabeth is already 4 months old.  Since she was born she has been hovering around  3% for her weight.  After several appointments and working really hard to get her weight up she is now in the 25th %.  I can't believe the big jump!

She can be found on a daily basis with hands in her mouth. This is her favorite thing right now, when she's not spitting up.  I even have to move her hands out of the way to get a bottle in her mouth.
Drooling and spitting up are her other favorite things to do.  If you want to hold her at any time I suggest wearing a cream colored shirt because she will most likely spit up all over you.  If your shirt is cream then at least her spit up will match your shirt!
Just hanging out and watching everyone making faces at her is also a fun thing for her.

I love her feet!  They are so cute!


Colleen said...

She is beautiful! Love the drool picture too!

Jane said...

Oh!! What a sweetie!

Adriane said...

No kidding! You caught that drool mid-drip. Nice work.

Hooked On Beauty said...
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