Friday, December 5, 2008


Thanksgiving was such a crazy, hectic day that I didn't shoot many photos. In fact, Jared shot these photos. I was busy feeding Elizabeth. Rebecca desperately wanted to help with food preparations, so I decided to let her make this fruit salad by herself, well kind of by herself. She had some helpers. This fruit salad is a salad we have with every holiday meal. It is so easy to make. All it has in it is whip cream, cottage cheese, orange jello, fruit cocktail, and mandarin oranges. Oh, by the way, we call this "Pink Salad." Don't ask. As you can tell from the photos, and this always happens, when someone is in the kitchen cooking everyone flocks to the kitchen to "help" or watch.

Thomas is a great helper!

Helping some more. I think it's called cleaning?

Rebecca can't stir the salad by herself.

Gotta make sure that it tastes just right!

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Carly said...

They are so cute!