Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Yesterday it started snowing, so I thought we'd get a white Christmas. What a joke. It was gone just as quickly as it came. We do still have a little snow from last week or the week before, so it might still be a white Christmas. Kind makes me want to go visit the Northwest. Just kidding! With our luck we'd probably get stuck at the airport. If you're in Seattle, you might be sick of the snow, but I say just enjoy it. It hardly ever snows like that. Go build an igloo or something. LOL!

When it started snowing here I thought I could try and get some Christmas photos taken of the kids. Here are my attempts. The girls did pretty good. I love the snow falling in the background.

Whatever mom! I don't think so.

That's about as good as it is going to get with all of them together.


Anonymous said...

So sweet, and love the matching outfits. . .my boys are getting old enough to be not amused by matching anymore.
Merry Christmas!

Chad said...

Beautiful! Great pictures!

Erin said...

I love the outdoor pictures. How do you do that? My camera gets foggy the moment I take it from inside to outside. My outdoor winter pictures never turn out.

Colleen said...

Jan, you are so gifted!!! I love these pictures! And you have very photogenic children!