Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas day at our house started out with 5 kids sleeping in until 8am. They came downstairs and saw a Christmas tree full of presents surrounding it. Of course all they could do is look at them. They didn't get to open them until their dad got home from church at about 12:30pm. So they just stood looking, touching, guessing, and poking at them all morning. It was quite a funny site to behold.

The time finally came for them to open their presents. Rebecca was in charge of reading names on the gifts and handing them out. That worked out for a little while, but soon things got out of control. Thomas would just grab a present and open it. Then David would get an unopened one, throw it on the ground and run after something that was already opened. He didn't really care about the opening part. He just wanted the toys. He didn't even care what it was.

The girls could get a hundred Barbies and still be excited with each one that they open. Our house is overflowing with Barbies!

Here is David's new sled for the winter. What do you think? Oh, wait that was a bowl for me. It reminds me of that movie National Lampoons Family Christmas. That was a great movie! David loves this bowl. He might just take it as his own. Who needs toys?

Rebecca's favorite gift was her new violin. Now we just have to figure out how to play the thing.

This is part of what things looked like when everything got opened. Yikes!

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