Friday, April 4, 2008

I am Jesus Little Lamb

That hymn really hits home.  It was sung at Jonathan's funeral.  I can hardly make it through without tearing up. Today we attended a memorial service for our friends' baby that peacefully went to join our Lord on March 30. The beautiful little boy was born at 31 weeks and fought through the night. He seemed to be a little fighter like our boy Jonathan, but in the end our Lord decided it was time to go. We love and miss Jonathan very much. One thing I will never understand is why the Lord creates such beautiful little beings only to take them from us so soon. This week has brought back many memories however, we find comfort in knowing that our time in this world is temporary and we will reunite with our babies again.   The drawing above was given to us after Jonathan passed away and was also used for today's funeral service.  It brings great comfort to see this little infant in Jesus' arms because we know that our little boy is with Him also.

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