Monday, October 12, 2015

Moving Day!

It was another day of baseball for us. My mini-me and I decided to trade sunglasses for awhile. 😊⚾️ #NeverEndingBaseballSeason #ThomasMadeAllstarTeamUpon returning home from Aspen we had high hopes to close on our new home that very same day since my husband made what seemed like a thousand phone calls while we were hiking trying to make everything come together. It didn't work out the day of our return, but we did end up closing soon after. Not only did we close on our new home we sold and closed on our old home that very same day. That meant we had to get packed and moved ASAP all in-between baseball games. AHHHH! My little mini-me and I decided to switch up our sunglasses to pass the time while we watched a few games. Isn't she the cutest? UntitledMy Lutheran Stud picked up this U-Haul which we filled up 3 times! I don't know anyone else who can drive and park a truck this close to a house without hitting it. Do you? That is some serious awesomeness right there.  UntitledWe were spoiled by our friends and church members who came to help us pack up and move big furniture, including a piano that was in our basement. We pretty much moved everything in one day. While the men moved most of our belongings I had some fabulous gals join me in deep cleaning our home. We could not have moved in one day without everyone's help, so thank you to you if you helped us.UntitledWe even squeezed in one last day at the neighborhood pool. We'll miss our pool time, but now we'll enjoy our new enormous yard!

Our move was quite an adventure, one that I never want to take part in again. Moving 11 people out of one home and into a new one wasn't even the worst part of this move. I think the overall stress of trying to sell our home and dealing with shady realtors, and waiting on a closing date was much worse than the actual move. The actual move went quite smoothly and for that I am thankful. Stay tuned for more adventures from our summer. It's been quite a ride!


Lauren said...

For some reason when I got to the photo of your new home, I flashed to your house in Fort Wayne. Whoa. Crazy.

Jan Melius said...

I think it's because our Ft. Wayne home was also a ranch brick house. They could definitely be mistaken for each other. ;)

Rachel Francisco said...

Piano in the basement… that's funny!

Gretchen said...

I totally thought the same thing and just clicked to post the same comment. Jan, I'm dying to see pics of the inside of the new house! What a crazy time. Hope you're getting settled in!