Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Valentine's Day Happened...

_MG_0461.jpgFebruary seemed to creep up quickly for us. One minute it was still January and the next we were planning a get-together with friends for Valentine's day. We have a great group of homeschooling families in the area that we don't see nearly often enough. We tried to get together to decorate cookies for Christmas, but this mess happened and we never had a chance to get together.
_MG_0462.jpgSince we were feeling better in February we decided to host a little Valentine's party complete with cookie decorating.
_MG_0467.jpgSome new friends moved to town recently, so we invited them over, too.
_MG_0465.jpgThe kids had a great time making messes masterpieces.
_MG_0477.jpgThere were even a few cookies left for us moms to decorate a few cookies.
_MG_0481.jpgClearly, they're nothing like Kellee's cookies, but you've got to start somewhere, right?
_MG_0473.jpgThe children even created Valentines for their friends too.
_MG_0475.jpgEveryone went home with full bellies, decorated cookies, and a bag of goodies!
_MG_0479.jpgAnd, since I put this plastic tablecloth on my table clean up was a breeze!

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Elaine Duncan said...

I have followed you for quite a while. Hope you and the family are okay since you haven't posted for a while. You are a great mom.