Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Cactus Bowl

_MG_0047.jpgThere's something about skydivers that really gets your adrenaline going. Am I right?
_MG_0049.jpgSeeing the skydiver carry your school's flag,
_MG_0065.jpgand then our country's flag also gets the adrenaline going. The crowd started going nuts!!
_MG_0069.jpgOur team took the field and the rush kept going!
_MG_0094.jpgIt was so exciting to watch the Huskies take the field in their awesome shiny helmets.
_MG_0095.jpgThe helmets, however, did not help them play exceptionally well, which is what they needed to do in this bowl game.
_MG_0113.jpgThe first half of the game was quite disappointing and I had lost all hope of our team winning the game.
_MG_0129.jpgThen, as the third quarter began it looked like comeback was beginning.
_MG_0139.jpgWe scored not one, but two touchdowns!
_MG_0141.jpgOklahoma came out strong, so we had a lot of catching up to do.
Hoping for a comeback. #CactusBowl 🌵#GoDawgs 🏈#GoHuskiesIn the end, our team lost 22-30. It was sad and disappointing, but we recovered quickly with some retail therapy the next day. ;)

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