Thursday, February 12, 2015

An End To 2014

_MG_9819.jpgAfter having a house full of sick children, over the holidays, we welcomed the invitation to attend the Broncos' last regular season game.
IMG_0791  IMG_0794
It was brisk, bright, and beautiful day for a football game. The cold didn't bother me too much because _MG_9821.jpg
we were given tickets to sit in the Champions Club. Woot, woot! As we made our way to that suite we caught a view of our pickup down below. Can you spot it? Ha! Probably not.
 IMG_0797 IMG_0798
After riding escalators, walking long corridors, and getting on an elevator we finally made it to the Champions Club suite, and we were famished. It was a good thing we were hungry because there was prime rib, an open bar, a hot chocolate and coffee area, a whole section of cheese and crackers, fruit, a nacho bar, and
IMG_0804a ton of cute, tiny desserts. Where does one start?
_MG_9824.jpgFor pregame entertainment we were wowed by the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm skydiving team.
_MG_9835.jpgThey came in from all directions.
_MG_9848.jpg _MG_9838.jpg
The Broncos then made their grand entrance through the big bronco tunnel.
_MG_9859.jpgAfter they scored their first touchdown it was good!
_MG_9863.jpg _MG_9866.jpg
Emmanuel Sanders is only 5'9", but he can catch the ball like nobody's business.
CJ Anderson came out of no where to replace other injured running backs and now he's made quite a name for himself on this squad. We love him!_MG_9871.jpg
_MG_9900.jpg _MG_9894.jpg _MG_9886.jpg
_MG_9910.jpgAt halftime we were introduced to former players that were hanging out in the sweet. Can you spot and name them? Some of them multiple Superbowl rings.
_MG_9917.jpg IMG_0822
Then they interviewed the skydivers and I hung out with them for a little while. They almost had me convinced to jump out of a plane with them.
IMG_0806 IMG_0826
We had pretty good seats and even had a little area in which my tiny, cute desserts could sit. ;)
_MG_9972.jpgThe Broncos began pulling away from the Raiders in terms of the score, so it was a refreshing change to get a chance to see Brock Osweiler (17) come into the game for a few plays.
_MG_9973.jpgHe threw a pass, and
_MG_9983.jpgit ended in his first touchdown pass of his career!
_MG_9989.jpgThe Broncos smashed the Raiders 47-14. Go Broncos!
IMG_0825We left the game with a big high and were super excited to run into Kory Brunson while waiting for the elevator. Kory Brunson sang the National Anthem before the game and is the lead singer for the Kory Brunson Band. Last summer he played at the shopping mall near house! It was a great ending to 2014.


Rachel Francisco said...

Tell me I'm not the only one who noticed the fanny pack the big, burly football player was wearing!

Jan Melius said...

Rachel, that fanny pack is actually and hand warmer. ;)