Monday, August 4, 2014

Colorado Rockies

IMG_4512Our local Thrivent rep puts together a group rate for the Rockies game every year. We try and get as many people from church to go with us. 
IMG_4525It's so much fun to attend a game with a bunch of people you know. It must be a camaraderie thing.  IMG_4522The day we went to the game it just happened to be a day that they gave away Troy Tulolwitzki jerseys. It's a one size fits all kind of a deal. Oh, and they spelled their all-star player's name wrong, so we get replacement jerseys in September along with a free ticket to another game. Score!
IMG_4553We sat way up high, but the view was pretty sweet!
IMG_4528Hanging with friends makes everything so much more fun!
IMG_4531My Lutheran Stud and I are heading to San Diego to watch the Rockies play soon. We can't wait!



IMG_4572The Rockies scored plenty of runs which made the crowd happy.
IMG_4574It was a beautiful evening for baseball even with a little rain falling.
IMG_4581The Rockies came out ahead and stayed ahead for the win. Woot, woot!!

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