Thursday, August 28, 2014

9 on the 9th

_MG_6964.jpgWe celebrated Thomas's golden birthday on August 9th. I didn't even realize it was a golden birthday until Rachel reminded me. This boy had more opinions about his birthday this year than he normally does.
Thomas05Thomas arrived into the world full of bruises, from some of my really strong contractions. Perhaps that is why he is such a tough kid.
_MG_6971.jpgHe requested carrot cupcakes and wanted to decorate them himself.
_MG_6965.jpgHe also requested a mini-cake for himself. He loves helping in the kitchen. Maybe he'll be a great chef someday.
_MG_6976.jpgHappy birthday, Thomas!
_MG_6981.jpgThomas's birthday sets off birthday season in our home. Stay tuned for more birthday fun!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

How can he be 9?! I remember him as a teeny tiny baby right before you moved. It was good to see him and your whole family last week.