Monday, July 28, 2014

We Keep on Truckin'

IMG_9149June came and went just as quickly as this month of July is flying by. We finished up the boys' baseball season, 
IMG_9166made it to Krispy Kreme for free donuts,
IMG_9275celebrated 14 years of marriage,
IMG_9281played in the pool and drank Starbucks with friends,
IMG_9345attended our first Rockies' game of the season,
IMG_9350visited the library and received free book bags,
IMG_9364made  tractors, courtesy of Home Depot, at the foster care picnic,
IMG_0528while the older children attended the catechism retreat in Woodland Park, where they took archery lessons and learned about creation.

Thomas went horseback riding at camp!
IMG_9393As we rounded out the end of the month we said farewell to Hope's vicar.
IMG_9394Now they return to Ft. Wayne for their last year at the seminary.
With baseball finished we needed something else to keep us busy, so the 6 youngest began swimming lessons.
IMG_9403After a crazy month, a little shopping therapy and girl time was quite welcome!

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