Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My 8 in 12 or Something Like That

My friend, Adriane, challenged me and some other ladies to take 10 photos in 10 hours, so we could get a peek into each other's days. It seemed easy enough until I, aka Camera Jan, kept failing to snap photos. I tried to complete this task for several days, so now I'm going to be giving you a peek into a few of our days from this past week. By the end of all of my posts, you'll wish you never asked, Adriane. ;) (Secretly, I am glad that you asked, Adriane, because I do enjoy seeing your days, ladies. It makes me wish wish we all lived closer and could see each other more.)
IMG_0825.jpgWe were fortunate to get the youngest 5 kids in swimming lessons together. They've had so much fun and now have little fear of the water. It's like private lessons for my children!
IMG_0832.jpgRight next to swimming lessons a Panera just opened. This can be quite dangerous since lessons are finished just around lunch time. On this day, I picked up lunch for myself and my Lutheran Stud.
IMG_0835.jpgAfter lunch we all get to do a bunch of chores.  Aren't those vacuum lines beautiful?
IMG_0839.jpgThe youngest 5 then take afternoon naps and the rest of us have finish schoolwork or have quiet time.
IMG_0845.jpgWe had company rolling into town for the evening, so Rachel was getting our guest room set up. She loves helping with this stuff when people come to stay with us.
IMG_0848.jpgThere's nothing better than having a fresh hot cookie as an afternoon snack. Am I right? They're pretty great as a midnight snack too!
On this particular evening we had a foster care training session. They served dinner, so I was off the hook for cooking that evening.
IMG_0849.jpgLater that night the Clemmers arrived and we enjoyed a night cap while catching up! There you have it. Here's to a small peek into our day. Stay tuned for a few more posts because I have a ton of photos to share now. ;)


Adriane said...

Are there still cookies? Because I am on my way . . . if there are cookies.

Delawaremamma said...

That loft bed is awesome! Was that designed by your husband or a kit you picked up somewhere? It looks like it's floating:-)

Lauren said...

I need to go bake some cookies. Dang those look good. And so does that drink you and Mandy are having. :)

Gretchen said...

Love the bunk bed. Guessing Jared built it? Those cookies look AMAZING too. My girls have been wanting to make the cookies lately and they have a lot of fun but make a big mess and always overcook, no matter how many times I tell them to take them out before they think they're done trust me you'll thank me later. Yours look exactly like that. Mmm.

Colleen Oakes said...

I love this idea, and that bunk bed set-up is amazing!