Thursday, July 24, 2014

How Do We All Fit?

When you have 9 children people can't fathom how we can all fit into one house. First, there's a confused look on their face. Then it turns into a look of amazement. They become mesmerized when we say that the children share rooms and 9 children can share 3 different rooms. It's not an even split, but the arrangement we have works well for the time being. We have 4 boys and they all share a room.
My Lutheran Stud is quite talented. If I see something on Pinterest, more often than not, he can make it happen. We decided that making lofted beds for the children would give them a little more space. Our littlest girls share the smallest room. Thankfully, they all still fit on a toddler sized mattress. Our foster children have never had their own beds before. We found their beds on Craigslist and they were elated to when we told them they get to have their own beds.
Our oldest 2 girls share the last room. They're in the tween stage and enjoy hanging out in their room while the other children are usually playing together in other areas of our home. Most of the children's toys can be found in our basement, so a lot of their time is spent in the basement.


Delawaremamma said...

Our boys share a room out of necessity in our current arrangement but we hope to buy a bigger place soon. Even with more bedrooms the plan is for them to continue to share. It's good for them and hey, Mom wants a sewing room. Thanks for more pictures of the loft beds. They're fantastic!

Heather said...

It's impressive, all your loft beds! Well done, Jared. Your children, all 9 of them, are so blessed. keep up the food work!

Rachel Francisco said...

Love loft beds! Love stud husbands! Love how you make it work! Keep it up. :)

Gretchen said...

Those beds are incredibly cool. I bet they love them!