Thursday, July 17, 2014

7 in 13 or so: Part 2

IMG_0868.jpgOur children wake up at different times in the morning, so it's a fend-for-yourself breakfast in our home. I like my beauty sleep, so often times I come downstairs and they're all done eating. The younger children love to color and do workbook work. They usually get that stuff out while I'm cleaning up breakfast or still waking up. 
_MG_6523.jpgSwimming lessons is a daily thing around right now. Our little ones have been having so much fun!
IMG_0885.jpgYou requested some cupcakes right, DeAnn? Here you go! I was asked to make Snickerdoodle  and Strawberry-Lemonade cupcakes for a church member's 85th birthday party. Yum! 
IMG_0886.jpgAfter I finished the cupcakes I had some antsy children, so we headed to our neighborhood pool. I love watching the little ones because they've become more daring in working on their swimming skills in the little pool. Our time at the pool ended when the wind started picking up and it was getting cold for me, who wasn't even swimming.
_MG_6527.jpgWe made it home just in time. Within an hour of getting home from the pool it began to downpour.  Our street flooded and our basement window began leaking. Ugh! I made Thomas run outside just to get this photo for you.
IMG_0894.jpgWith dinner time fast approaching we began our weekly ritual of pizza night. I make all the dough, and the kids pick and choose their own toppings, and make the pizzas.
IMG_0897.jpgFriday nights are also movie and ice cream night. We've been trying to choose older movies that we used to enjoy as children. It's been fun to watch old movies with the kids.

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Gretchen said...

LOVE that photo of Thomas in the rain! He's an intrepid kid. I bet it was cold rain too!