Monday, February 3, 2014


_MG_4830.jpg   _MG_4839.jpg
Last week we began getting a decent amount of snow around here. Normally, even with a large amount of snow, things melt pretty quickly, but with cold temperatures the snow has stuck around.
_MG_4809.jpgWith a good 6 or so inches the chidlren were begging to get outside to play in it. We were able to find decent snow gear for all 8 children here! Thanks to gifts and hand-me-downs we could open our own little shop. :)
_MG_4848.jpgWith today being the warmest day forecasted for the week we decided to get out and do a little sledding before it got too cold outside.
_MG_4864.jpgThe sun makes it look a lot warmer than it really is out there, so didn't last as long as these guys.
_MG_4884.jpgDid you know an old crib mattress works just as well as a sled. With its vinyl covering it's not only waterproof, but also soft and comfy.
_MG_4903.jpgHe isn't cold, but when I look at him, I'm cold. Brr!
_MG_4905.jpgThese two just about ran right into me without a care in the world.
_MG_4907.jpgI ran home earlier than everyone else to get some warm goodies ready. Okay, maybe I waited until they actually got home. You can't drink hot chocolate cold, right?
_MG_4909.jpgThey all insisted on using a spoon.
_MG_4913.jpgThe hot chocolate was a little hot for David. He ended up added a few uce cubes. Hmm. . .